How would you feel if you’d be a part of a group of people who love to dance & play, a group that shares new ideas & feelings? Part of a worldwide community that embraces the brand new, loves glitter, unicorns and above all, loves a plastic circle?

If you are already a hooper, then you are already part of this magnificent community, which counts thousands of members across the world. From Canada to Australia, to the whole of Europe, America & Asia. 

And if you haven’t found your way to the hoop community yet, let me guide you through my 10 year personal experience as a part of the colorful hoop world!

Hoopers love to play!

And that’s obvious! Just remember that the hula hoop in modern history started as a game. Play for hoopers means a lot of different things though. The experimentation with their body, its capabilities & its limits. We frequently use the term “playtime” for the time we focus on practicing a trick & be able to put it in our flow and master it. This game needs focus & time and it’s the way to make every hooper’s move, a unique one. Einstein himself has said it: “Play is the highest form of research”.

Hoopers share!

When you have mastered a new hoop move, you definitely want to scream out of joy! Hoopers not only shout out through their Social Media accounts but also they want to share the steps that helped them make it happen! The internet (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) is full of hoop tutorials, hoop tricks, flows, combinations… and all for free! This is our way of communicating, our way of forming a common language. And of course, the best way for anyone to learn new tricks!

Hoopers travel & come together

One thing is for certain! There is nothing better than traveling around the world, living new experiences, meeting new people, different cultures & styles of living. Especially when you travel along with your hoop in order to meet other hoopers! Hoop Conventions & hoop retreats have spread across Europe, America & Australia. They usually last from 2 to 5 or even 7 days and they’re full of hoop workshops, but also other activities, trips, parties & jams. Fun is everywhere in these happenings! There you can meet hoopers from the worldwide community, learn new tricks, watch amazing hoop shows and make new friends who share the same passion as you, hoop dance!

Hoopers become more and more!

A group that started from some people mostly in America at the end of the 90s, is spreading fastly all these years around the globe. Almost every European country has its hoop dance group on Facebook, while the European Group has around 2.000 members. In the worldwide community, there are hundreds of groups for hoopers from different countries, for all age groups. There are also more specific groups for tutorials or equipment. 

Info for the hoop community:

  • HoopDance Europe, the biggest Facebook Group for hoopers in Europe.
  • If you’d like to learn new moves & you don’t have the time to come to the Hoop it! Lessons, you can always find inspiration to the Hoop it! Hoop Tutorials on YouTube.
  • Hoop it! Facebook Group, where you can find other hoopers in Greece
  • Hoop-trix: A website dedicated to hoop tricks. You can find useful links from across the web, all gathered here.
  • HulaHoopEvents: A website dedicated to all Hoop Conventions & Retreats for 2020. You can find information, find links to book your ticket & plan your hoop year!
Did You Know?
Infinite Circles Community is the biggest facebook group for hoopers worldwide with almost 30.500 members!