Specially selected for their quirky characters, insane skills, and their unique style of hoop dance and hoop teaching, our fire-cracker team of instructors will share their passion and love for hooping in intimate class sizes, affording you priceless, personalized 1-on-1 attention that lets them focus on developing your own unique hooping style and skills — whatever your level!


Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz originates from Canada but is based in Berlin currently. He has been body-rocking inside the hoop for 11+ years and performing, teaching and attending conventions on both sides of the Atlantic. He studies and practices the art of hoop dance diligently, both through self exploration and continual learning. He enjoys mixing movement styles from various backgrounds to transform them into something new. His hoop explorations focus heavily on dance and integrating hoop moves into our dance flow. Expect to play with negative spaces, different rhythms and engaging every part of our bodies in this exploration.

Buket Rin

Buket discovered hula hooping not too long ago after spending a lot of time experimenting with different dance styles and being part of circus communities in Turkey. First, it was just a random circle but after moving to Sweden, thanks to the long and dark winters, she became more and more mad about hula hooping and the art of movement. Since then she is an unstoppable flow maniac and loves to travel as much as ‘life permits’ in order to explore the fire and circles and to meet all the amazing people inside them.

Her hooping is very dynamic, dancy as well as techy. She likes to work with different styles, from acrobatics to whirling and belly dancing. With hula hoops she likes to rock with multiples, balancing, wedgies, twins & triples and fire. She teaches hula hooping for different levels locally and internationally, and currently performs with several companies in Sweden.

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Andeli Zumbühl-Baur (SWITZERLAND)

Andeli is a creative and lively flowartist from Switzerland. Her focal point is on hoopdance since 2012 and poi since 2000. Andeli’s lives the life in which she perceives ‚flow’ as a gift to yourself, something to integrate into your everyday life. And she speaks from the heart when she says, “flow yourself beautiful!”. Spinning poi & dance with the hoop, altered Andeli’s life and her love of motion and movement has since been ever lasting. Since her first stage experience in 2007, she has been part of various projects, organising, teaching and performing. She currently performs professionally with the fire group Foyk. She is the Co-Organiser of Get the Ring – Swiss Hulahoop Convention.

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Reni Hardmeier is a one of a kind, self-trained hoop dancer based in Zurich Switzerland. She is the founder of Swiss Hoop Comunity,the first Hooplable in Switzerland ,creator of Get The Ring – Swiss Hoopconvention and many other Projects. Reni uses her background in yoga, dance, contact staff and poi to understand how the body and hula hoop communicate with one another. Her tricks vary from super techy to visually strong yet easily accessible. Reni challenges her students with unconventional hoop techniques, giving you new perspectives within your hoop world. She is super excited to attend Sunny Hoop Fest for her first time and teach her brand new material.
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Sunny Diz from Greece, started hooping in Brighton, UK in 2009, while taking a master course in Architecture and promised herself to find a way to combine hoop dance and architecture for a better and healthier life.
She founded Hoopit! in 2012 in order to share the happiness of hooping and the unlimited power of exercising through playing.
Sunny spreads the hoop love around the globe with playful hoop tutorials and teaches hoop dance and hoop fitness workshops and classes all over Greece, inspiring people to stay connected to their inner selves and to the power of “now”.
She loves travelling the world to meet hoopers and she is the creator of Sunny Hoop Fest, inviting people to visit new places to hoop.
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