Summer 2018…here we come!

For a second year, Sunny Hoop Fest creates a unique event to share the hoop passion, to meet people, to learn new tricks, to connect and enjoy the Greek summer.

More than just a hoop event, Sunny Hoop Fest is the perfect holiday, an exclusive 5 day trip to relaxation, to the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, to the dreamland of every hooper…because Greece is for hoopers!!!


We really value providing participants the maximum hoop attention and learning opportunities and so have only 12 Holiday Hero tickets available for the full event.
Your 5 day/4 night “Holiday Hero” Hoop Holiday ticket includes:
• 4 nights of accommodation on shared double bedrooms on traditional small village studios..
• Clean sheets, towels.
• Breakfast (four in total), lunch (four in total) and dinner (four in total) everyday made with local produce plus two dinners.
• Snacks between workshops
• Workshops in different spots around Samos island, with amazing Mediterranean and Greek beauty.
• A selection of excursions, including sightseeing, hiking, ancient sites, and beach trips.
• Hoop workshops, Greek dance workshops, and other surprise workshops and warm-ups plus recaps for all workshops.
• Clean drinking water.
• Transfers to and from airport and port of Vathy.
• Drink deals for our nights out.
• Guaranteed to make fun new memories with your fellow flowmies.
• Lots of other fun surprises!
• Pre-holiday you will receive regular communication via email and have a Google Hangout/Skype meeting with the Hoopit! Team, as well as receive an information package email prior to your wonderful Hoop Holiday!
• There is the possibility to stay for more days on the island by renting the rooms we will spend our holidays (contact us), either before or after the hoop holiday.

What is NOT included:
• Your airfare, ferry boat ticket
• Alcohol Drinks
• Visa related costs

We prefer full ticket payment; however, we can arrange for a payment plan to suit your needs. If this is something that you need please contact us at
hoop holiday samos map

Samos Island is part of the Dodecanese Islands and is located in the eastern Aegean Sea.
There is an International Airport (SMI) located 5 km from the Hoop Holiday Spot (Pythagorio). The easiest way to reach Samos is to fly to the capital city of Greece (Athens) and then take a regional flight to Samos.

Travelling by airplane
To Greece: The main international airport in Greece is the Athens International Airport (airport code: ATH)
To Samos: From Athens you will need to book a 55min regional flight to Samos Airport (airport code SMI). There are 4 flights every day.

There are also flights from different countries of the EU directly to Samos Airport (eg The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, etc) during summer period. Please contact us ( to help you find the perfect flight for you or visit here and book your flight directly.

Travelling by boat

Samos has 2 ports that are connected with both the ports of Athens and Myconos. One of Samos’ ports is located in Karlovasi (45min to Pythagorio) and one in Vathy (15 minutes to Pythagorio). Both ports are acceptable final destinations in order to get to Pythagario.

Option A

  1. Fly directly to Samos airport (SMI) or indirectly via Athens International Airport (ATH).

Option B

1. Fly to Athens International Airport
2. Take a train (Train to Monastiraki Station and change line to Piraias Station) or bus (X96) to Piraias Port
3. Take the Ferry Boat to Karlovasi or Vathy ports of Samos. There are two Ferry Boats to Samos (depending on the dates):
• Ferry Boat Nissos Rodos to Vathy
• Ferry Boat Nissos Myconos to Karlovasi

The trip from Piraias to Vathy is appr. 11 hours and to Karlovasi 10hours.

Please book your ticket for the Ferry Boat in advance here or contact us to help you with your booking at

Option C

1. Fly to Myconos International Airport
2. Take the Ferry Boat to Karlovasi or Vathy
• Ferry Boat Nissos Rodos to Vathy
• Ferry Boat Nisso Myconos to Karlovasi
The trip from Myconos to Vathy is appr. 3,5 hours and to Karlovasi 2,5hours

Please book your ticket for the Ferry Boat in advance here or contact us to help you with your booking at

We will be welcoming and transferring you from all Samos ports or the airport to the Hoop Holiday Spot.
If you need more help on finding your way to the Hoop Holidays contact us at

You can pay directly into our bank account as our preferred method of secure payment, or alternatively you can pay with your Paypal account.

In order to book your ticket you will choose your preferred payment method and we will send you an e-mail with all the details for your payment.

The Sunny Hoop Fest officially begins on Thursday 12th July with the opening circle, followed by our first awesome hoop workshop. On the final day, the 16th, after the morning workshop we will have lunch together before the closing circle.
Our tickets are 100% non refundable. If you paid for your ticket but can’t attend, you can transfer or resell the ticket by your own. Please check our terms & conditions here for more info.
If you have paid for your ticket but can’t attend, you can transfer or resell the ticket by your own. Please check our terms & conditions here for more info.

The Sunny Fest Hoop Troupe 2018

The Sunny Hoop Fest is brought to you by the extended Hoop it! family: hoopers who love to guide you in new experiences, and love sun, sea, and hoops.

Born a hooper and studied architecture, Sunny is the creator of Sunny Hoop Fest and the founder of Hoop it!. An endless dreamer and a true hoop lover, Sunny has been spreading hoop dance all across Greece, creating the Greek hoop community and organizing hoop events and parties. She has been working on architectural project management for more than 12 years and loves facilitating the most fabulous events that make people feel happy.

Konstantina is one of the original Hoopit! students and is the hoop elf at this amazing hoop holiday! She is helping to make sure all details are on point. Currently a university student, she is an efficient organizer and always gets the job done. She has organized events previously and is very happy to use that experience for Greece’s first hoop retreat. She is very happy to be a part of the fest and hopes she will live up to your hoop elf expectations!

Do you need more information?
E-mail us us at