If you are a member of the world of Hoop Dance for some time now, you definitely know the terms on body & off body hooping

We are used to preferring the term on body hooping, when the hoops spin around different parts of our main body or legs, while by the term off body hooping we are referring to moves we achieve with our hands.

The on-body hooping movements are one of the first things that a beginner gets to know and of course, love, and tends to become an eternal kind of love.

But before we continue, have you ever wondered the parts of our body where we could spin a hula hoop and what advantages do we get from each one of them?

When we move the hoop around our waist, we get stronger abs in the stomach and stronger muscles on our back. It’s one of the most fun moves of the hoop dance, that needs concentration & of course the right hoop for it! An adult hoop (a bit heavy & with a diameter of 80-90cm) is ideal to be able to exercise and dance too!

Waist hooping leaves our hands to be free to express themselves. Remember, we are the ones who decide what we could do with them!

While the hoop is coming up from the waist closer to the chest, the best way to get there is practice! In that case, the most important is the hoop to be the right one for us. A bigger and a bit heavier can really make the difference in our effort. In order to achieve the move, we exercise at the same time the buttocks, the abs and the muscles of the back.

And if you need any more tips to get there sooner, check this video!

For many hoopers, the spin of the hoop at the chest or shoulders is one of the most challenging moves to achieve. When you get there though, you already know you have won a lot, and especially muscle power at the chest, back but also at all the muscles of the main body.

And if you need more tips for how to get from waist to shoulders, check out this video. It may be very helpful!

While the hoop goes down from the waist, it spins faster. That’s why when the hoop is at the hips, buttock, abs, and the quadriceps muscles!

One of the most impressive moves in hoop dancing is the spin at the knees. To practice that move you need to remember 2 basic tips:

  1. To use a light hoop, dressed with tapes to avoid slipping.
  2. To be careful and not exaggerate at our practice there because the area around the knee is a sensitive one and we don’t want to walk with bruises later!

Do you think we are done? Of course not! The list with all the available parts of our body that we are able to spin a hoop, is almost endless!!! Neck, head, nose, foot reeds and the ankles, are some more parts where many hoopers love to spin the hoop!

The challenge for you is to discover some more! 

Time for some body tips & info!

  • Remember! For your practice at on body hooping, use the right hoop! For waist, hips, chest & shoulders use a heavier hoop with a larger diameter, while for knees, you should use a light one!
  • The non-slip tape at hoops always helps, so the hoop won’t slip easily!
  • Try every on body hooping move both from the right & left side. This is the best way to have balance & sync your whole body better.
  • Have in mind that all the on-body moves need time! To get better at a move sooner, dedicate some minutes every day. Soon you will see a great difference!
  • Wear less & lighter clothes, so the hoop will touch your skin as much as possible. It will slip less also!
  • Last, but not least, do everything to a piece of music you love!

And if you need some music inspiration, we have a nice & rhythmic playlist to find your way to on-body hooping!

Did You Know?
At the height of their popularity, Wham-O manufactured 20,000 hoops a day.