Come Feel the Sun and the Sand and Your Hoop in Your Hand!

Sunny Hoop Fest is an exclusive 5 day hoop holiday experience in the stunning Greek Islands,
combining world-class hoop workshops with jaw-dropping locations, and all the sun, sea, relaxation, and fun activities that a Mediterranean holiday has to offer!

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    Workshops for ALL LEVELS!

    From hoop newbs to hoop masters, find your flow, explore your limits, and dance with your FREE polypro hoop in hoop workshops, parties and jams – in jaw-dropping locations! Our small class size mean you get invaluable 1-on-1 hoop coaching focused at your own skill level.

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    Its a Hoop Holiday Baby!

    Get away with your hoop for an unforgettable hoop holiday – a hoop retreat like no other! You hoopers deserve not only sweet new tricks and moves, but all the pampering, activities, beach time, and hospitality that a Greek island holiday has to offer!

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    Greek Location, Location, LOCATION!!

    On the beautiful island of Samos, experience traditional Greek cuisine and infamous Greek hospitality in the birth place of ancient Pythagoras, staying in a traditional Greek holiday house, and hooping in unforgettable locations.

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    Let's Get Intimate!

    With only 7 full Holiday Hero tickets to Sunny Hoop Fest available, this exclusivity affords the instructors the time to give you personalized hoop training that will help skyrocket your flow, and to really get to know your fellow flowmies that share the things you love too: fun, sun, and hooping!

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    Your Own Polypro Hoop!!!

    Can you believe it? Well, we can’t quite believe it ouselves! Thanks to our hooptastically gracious sponsors, One Stop Hoop Shop, the lucky 7 people to purchase a full Holiday Hero Ticket will get your very own polypro hoop that folds down so you can take it home with you! There might be a few surprise hoop goodies too 😉

Your Hoop Holiday

From July 13th – 17th 2017 we welcome you to Sunny Hoop Fest, a uniquely intimate, luxury hoop holiday, at Greece’s first hoop retreat destination on the stunning island of Samos in the eastern Aegean sea!!!

Samos Island

Enjoy 8 fun-filled and intimate workshops, as well as parties, jams, and excursions, at jaw-dropping locations around Samos island. From picturesque, palm-lined sandy beaches fringed with coniferous forests and waterfall and cliff jumping trails, to awe-inspiring ancient sites and traditional Greek villages, as well as beach party nightlife, Samos island has it all!

Stunning Workshop Locations

Samos is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!! Over 20 idyllic beaches (from fully organized to raw and wild), as well as lush forested mountains, waterfalls, unspoiled landscapes, Natura 2000 sites, and rich fauna and flora comprises Samos’ incomparable natural beauty, which will take your breath away! Surrounded by protected waters prized for dolphin and seal diving expeditions, Samos even has its own resident sun-lounging seal, Argyro!

Ancient & Traditional Culture

Samos is no exception to Greece’s infamous reputation for rich cultural traditions and mysterious ancient sites! From ancient theaters to the infamous and gravity-defying, Heraion of Samos (right), and the 6th century BC, Tunnel of Eupalinos that crosses the entire island, to the Traditional Greek Dance Workshop we have prepared for you…there are too many possible excursions to pick from!

Enjoy True Greek Hospitality

With a Holiday Hero ticket you get to use a traditional Greek house in the historic village of Pythagoreio, birthplace of Pythagoras, as your base to adventure around Samos. Wake up every morning to a delicious Greek breakfast on the veranda, and tuck yourself in at night, just 5 minutes walk from the nearest beach!

The Program

Your Hoop Instructors

Specially selected for their quirky characters, insane skills, and their unique style of hoop dance and hoop teaching, our fire-cracker team of instructors will share their passion and love for hooping in intimate class sizes, affording you priceless, personalized 1-on-1 attention that lets them focus on developing your own unique hooping style and skills — whatever your level!

Sunny Diz from Greece, started hooping in Brighton (UK) in 2009, while taking a master course in architecture, and promised herself to find a way to combine hoop dance and architecture for a better and healthier life. She founded Hoopit! in 2012 in order to share the happiness of hooping and the unlimited power of exercising through playing.

Sunny spreads hoop love around the globe with playful hoop tutorials, and teaches hoop dance and hoop fitness workshops and classes all over Greece, inspiring people to stay connected to their inner selves and to the power of “now”. The creator of Sunny Hoop Fest, she loves travelling the world to meet hoopers and inviting people to visit new places to hoop.

Fay’s passion for hula hooping started in 2013. The 23 year old hoop dancer from Puebla Mexico has been developing his skills ever since, quickly becoming one of the best hoopers in the world! Fay has participated in Hooping Idol Season 5, getting into the top 5 finalists and receiving the HOOPER OF THE YEAR 2017 (Mexico – Central America) Hoopie Award from

He has been traveling all across Mexico; street performing, participating in festivals and parties, teaching hoop technique, and sharing his favorite moves, including balances, twin hooping, throws, cartwheels, and rolls. Coming to Greece and teaching hoop dance is one of his hoop dreams coming true! He can’t wait to meet you! 🙂

Carme LA olehoop is a dance lover who started hooping in 2015. She has studied contemporary dance and Dance Movement Therapy, as well as been experimenting with different dance disciplines, such as ballet, contact, African dance, urban dance, and Caribbean dance.

She performs hoop dance and theater, and has been teaching creative dance and body expression workshops for children as a volunteer in Senegal and has been travelling around Spain to connect with hoopers. She teaches hoop dance classes in Madrid, inspiring people to develop authentic movement, and is a co-organizer of the second edition of the Sinergia hula hoop convention in Spain.

Scientist by day, hooper by night, Scottish-born Carlula Hoops fell in love with hoop dance in the summer of 2015 at a funky Hoopit! hoop disco in Athens, Greece…and never looked back! Receiving her very first hoop from none other than Sunny Diz, she immediately became a hula hoop and Sunny Diz addict, and was organizing and hooping in circus musicals, performing at festivals and clubs, and teaching in international workshops within her first year of hooping.

Both an instructor and coordinator at the Sunny Hoop Fest, she’s keen to share one of her favourite things about hooping: exploring the three-way connection between the hoop, the dancer, and different styles of music! This year, she’s spun up a kickass workshop, for injecting, emotion, confidence, and style into your hoop dance, elevating both simple and advanced moves with HOOP SWAG 😎

Holiday Hero SOLD OUT!


July 13th-17th
  • SOLD OUT! (join waiting list below!)
  • 7 hoop workshops and 1 traditional Greek dance workshop in the most amazing places on the island
  • Your very own polypro hoop
  • 4 nights bed and breakfast in a traditional Greek house
  • 4 traditional Greek lunches at local tavern and 2 dinners
  • Fun trips, excursions, and jams
  • Beach and pool party

WAITING LIST: The Holiday Hero Ticket for the full event is SOLD OUT! But we still have Weekend Warrior tickets below and can upgrade you to Holiday Hero if a ticket becomes available. Just type in your name and email and you are added to the list 🙂

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Your Hoop Holiday Experience is Hoopowered by

Contact Us

If you need any help for your trip, more information on your hoop holidays, or just want to say hi and connect with us, send us an e-mail at


We really value providing participants the maximum hoop attention and learning opportunities and so have only 7 Holiday Hero tickets available for the full event.
Your 5 day/4 night “Holiday Hero” Hoop Holiday ticket includes:
• 4 nights of bed and breakfast in a traditional samien house. 1 Bedroom with 2 private beds, 1 bedroom with 3 private beds, and 1 room with a double bed. The house has 2 bathrooms, a living room and kitchen, a back yard, and a balcony. You can use all the spaces of the house any way you like!
• Clean sheets, towels, and beach towels.
• Breakfast (four in total) and lunch (four in total) everyday made with local produce plus two dinners.
• Workshops in different spots around Samos island, with amazing Mediterranean and Greek beauty.
• A selection of excursions, including sightseeing, hiking, ancient sites, and beach trips.
• Seven hoop workshops, 1 Greek dance workshop, and recaps for all workshops.
• Daily fresh fruit, coffee, and tea (available at the house).
• Clean drinking water.
• Transfers to and from airport and port.
• Drink deals for one night out.
• Guaranteed to make fun new memories with your fellow flowmies.
• Lots of other fun surprises!
• Pre-holiday you will receive regular communication via email and have a Google Hangout/Skype meeting with the Hoopit! Team, as well as receive an information package email prior to your wonderful Hoop Holiday!
• There is the possibility to stay for more days on the island by renting the house (contact us), either before or after the hoop holiday.
• In case you will have to catch a morning flight or morning boat, you are welcome to stay for one more night at the house for free!

Your “Weekend Warrior” Hoop Holiday ticket (Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th) includes all the fun of the Sunny Hoop Fest for two days, but doesn’t include accommodation and breakfast:
• 3 hoop workshops
• 1 traditional dance workshop
• Recaps for all weekend workshops.
• Excursion of the day and sightseeing
• Lunch for 2 days
• 1 dinner at home
• Beach and pool party

What is NOT included:
• Your airfare, ferry boat ticket
• 2 dinners to give you the opportunity to visit the beautiful village and enjoy some delicious greek taverns!
• Visa related costs

We prefer full ticket payment; however, we can arrange for a payment plan to suit your needs. If this is something that you need please contact us at
hoop holiday samos map

Samos Island is part of the Dodecanese Islands and is located in the eastern Aegean Sea.
There is an International Airport (SMI) located 5 km from the Hoop Holiday Spot (Pythagorio). The easiest way to reach Samos is to fly to the capital city of Greece (Athens) and then take a regional flight to Samos.

Travelling by airplane
To Greece: The main international airport in Greece is the Athens International Airport (airport code: ATH)
To Samos: From Athens you will need to book a 55min regional flight to Samos Airport (airport code SMI). There are 4 flights every day.

There are also flights from different countries of the EU directly to Samos Airport (eg The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, etc) during summer period. Please contact us ( to help you find the perfect flight for you or visit here and book your flight directly.

Travelling by boat

Samos has 2 ports that are connected with both the ports of Athens and Myconos. One of Samos’ ports is located in Karlovasi (45min to Pythagorio) and one in Vathy (15 minutes to Pythagorio). Both ports are acceptable final destinations in order to get to Pythagario.

Option A

  1. Fly directly to Samos airport (SMI) or indirectly via Athens International Airport (ATH).

Option B

1. Fly to Athens International Airport
2. Take a train (Train to Monastiraki Station and change line to Piraias Station) or bus (X96) to Piraias Port
3. Take the Ferry Boat to Karlovasi or Vathy ports of Samos. There are two Ferry Boats to Samos (depending on the dates):
• Ferry Boat Nissos Rodos to Vathy
• Ferry Boat Nissos Myconos to Karlovasi

The trip from Piraias to Vathy is appr. 11 hours and to Karlovasi 10hours.

Please book your ticket for the Ferry Boat in advance here or contact us to help you with your booking at

Option C

1. Fly to Myconos International Airport
2. Take the Ferry Boat to Karlovasi or Vathy
• Ferry Boat Nissos Rodos to Vathy
• Ferry Boat Nisso Myconos to Karlovasi
The trip from Myconos to Vathy is appr. 3,5 hours and to Karlovasi 2,5hours

Please book your ticket for the Ferry Boat in advance here or contact us to help you with your booking at

We will be welcoming and transferring you from all Samos ports or the airport to the Hoop Holiday Spot.
If you need more help on finding your way to the Hoop Holidays contact us at

You can pay directly into our bank account as our preferred method of secure payment, or alternatively you can pay with your Paypal account.
The Sunny Hoop Fest officially begins on Thursday 13th July with the opening circle, followed by our first awesome hoop workshop. On the final day, the 17th, after the morning workshop we will have lunch together before the closing circle. In case you will have to catch a morning flight or morning boat, you are welcome to stay for one more night at the house for free!
Our tickets are 100% non refundable. Please check our terms & conditions here for more info.
Our Hoop Holiday starts on Thursday the 13th and ends on Monday 17th afternoon. If you want to come just for a weekend and join us in hoop workshops and other hoop activities and excursions, we offer the Weekend Warrior ticket. The Weekend Warrior ticket doesn’t include accommodation and breakfast, but includes all the rest of the fun! If you cannot attend the full 5 days, and the weekend is too short for you, then please purchase the ticket for the full event.
By booking and purchasing a ticket for the Sunny Hoop Fest you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
1. Tickets
– Your ticket is personal. If you want to bring your family, children or pets, please contact us as accommodation is limited.
– Ticket sales start at April 10th 2017 10:00am Greek Time (GMT+2). Please read carefully the booking and refund policy below.
– The number of tickets available is 7.
– If tickets are sold out you can register to our waiting list.
2. Booking Policy
– Early bird Holiday Hero & Weekend Warrior Tickets
Ticket sales start April 10th 2017 10:00am Greek Time (GMT+2) and end May 10th 22:00pm Greek Time (GMT+2)
– Full Holiday Hero & Weekend Warrior Tickets
Ticket sale starts May 10th 2017 22:30pm Greek Time (GMT+2)
3. Refund Policy
All tickets are a 100% NON REFUNDABLE
– You can pay for your ticket (early bird or full ticket for the full holiday or weekend ticket) through Paypal or directly to our bank account. All payments are final.
– Once your ticket payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation e-mail about your participation.
4. Transfer of tickets
If you cannot attend the event but you have already paid for your ticket, you can resell the ticket on your own. Contact us at and we will provide you with the details of our waiting list.
5. Health and Travel Insurance
As a participant to the Sunny Hoop Fest you will participate in workshops and activities that involve exercise and the possibility of physical injury. You will participate in these activities at your own risk and you should have valid health insurance. Please refer to your doctor if you have any medical problems or older injuries. The hosts and organizers of the event have no responsibility for sports and travel accidents happening during, before or after the event.
6. Damages
Every ticket holder participates in the event at their own risk. Liability for damages in public spaces, and the provided accommodation, is the responsibility of the participants and their personal companions.
7. Photos and sharing
Any photos or videos of the event may be published online for promotional purposes without prior consent from the participant. Please be aware that any videos taken of any teacher’s workshop or performance may not be published online or shared with anyone else other than fellow participants.
8. Food and allergies
The event includes 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 2 dinners. All meals have vegetarian options. We should be informed about your food allergies or special requirements at your ticket order, otherwise they won’t be considered.
9. Accommodation and choice of room/bed
Accommodation at a traditional Greek House is included in your ticket. The house has 3 floors that include bedrooms.
Room 1 – basement: 3 single beds
Room 2 – 1st floor: 1 double bed
Room 3 – attic: 2 single beds
Please indicate the bed and room you prefer in your ticket order. Otherwise you will be placed randomly.

Organized by the Sunny Fest Hoopit! Troupe:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 🙂